RIETSCHE Fully Automatic Beeswax Foundation Machine (VA)

******  NEW !  ******


A completely new generation of machines was designed, improving the excellent features of the existing machines, combined with up to date manufacturing techniques for better precision and quality.

+ Completely new design with numerous technical improvements.

+ Nearly all parts are manufactured of stainless steel AISI 304.

+ Highest safety ! All movable parts are protected to exclude the risk of injury.

+ The drive of the drop table for stacking the sheets is carried out by a stepper motor and can be adjusted according the thickness of the sheets. Up to 20 kg of sheets can be stacked without any manual intervention.

+ The drive of the transport rollers can be adjusted easily by a simple hand wheel according the speed of the wax band.

+ Ergonomic operating by a switch box near the rollers and a rotatable control panel at the drop table.

+ High output per hour, up to 60 kg/h, depending on the size of the machine and the sheets.

+ New sizes starting with a roller length of 40 cm for the smaller demand, as well as 61 cm and 80 cm for highest output.

+ The included new triple-walled wax melting tank with a large capacity of 160 kg of wax is completely made of stainless steel with 50 mm thick heat protection for fast heating and lower power consumption.

+ We are convinced of our quality `Made in Germany´ and grant you therefore a guarantee of 5 years for all mechanical parts* and 2 years for all electrical parts*.     ( * excluded are  damages caused by wrong operating or usual wear and tear)

+ You have the security of a 30-year availability guarantee of spare parts !


This machine allows the production of foundation sheets in a single operation by casting. The liquid beeswax is fed to the machine by an electrically heated and heat-insulated three-walled tank with a content of 160 kg and an electrically heated self-leveling inlet-tank. Between the water-cooled rollers, the wax solidifies into a broad wax band which is cut on the integrated cutting machine in width and length. Depending on the machine size from one to three or more wax-lanes can be cut. The setting of the width is performed by moving the round knives, the length of the sheets can be adjusted at a digital display. The production speed is infinitely variable.
After cutting, the sheets are stacked on the drop table. The electric drive of the drop table with a stepper motor allows precise adjustment of the drop of the table according the thickness of the sheets so that up to 20 kg of sheets can be stacked on the table without manual intervention, and can be removed without interrupting the operation.
The adjustment and control of all parameters such as length and temperatures is carried out at a rotatable operating panel near the drop table.
The standard cell size of the rollers is 5.4 mm, corresponding to a cell count of approximately 800 cells/dm2. However, it is possible to produce all cell sizes from 4.8 mm up to 5.6 mm at extra cost.
The advantages of the production of foundations by the casting process are its ease of operation by one person. Because the wax is not compressed by the casting process, the cast foundations will be expanded faster by the bees than rolled foundations. The cast sheets are more stable than rolled sheets at higher temperatures in the beehive and do not wave. At low temperatures, however, cast sheets are not as elastic as rolled sheets.
In order to offer you the optimum size of the machine, please let us know the sizes of the sheets you want to produce. To put the machine into operation, compressed air and cooling water is required. If you do not have such, we can offer you the appropriate equipment.

Machine sizes available:





Rollers size     (maximum possible comb width = rollers width of VA less 8 cm (for edge drop on the right and on the left side and safety distance against wax overflow)

400 x Ø 170 mm

610 x Ø 170 mm

800 x Ø 170 mm

Output per hour approx. (depends on many factors - for example on the produced comb size)

approx. 15-20 kg

approx. 30-45 kg

approx. 40-60 kg

Dimensions (length x width x hight) (hight incl. 180 l tank)

3,65 x 1 x 2,5 m

3,65 x 1,1 x 2,5 m

3,65 x 1,25 x 2,5 m

Net weight

405 kg

440 kg

475 kg



To facilitate the work with the Fully Automatic Machine and make it more productive, we can offer you a suitable range of relevant equipment and products.

Wax melting- and sterilization tanks
For efficient operation, we recommend in addition to the melting tank attached to the machine, one or more additional tanks to melt and / or sterilize the beeswax. All tanks are made entirely of stainless steel and are 3-walled with generously sized, 50 mm thick heat  isolation. This will help  to achieve a rapid melting process with reduced power consumption and lower heat losses. For transferring heat from the electric heater, water is used in the melting tank, this allows an operating temperature up to 90°C. For sterilization tanks thermo oil is used as a heat carrier. This allows an operating temperature up to 130°C to sterilize the wax. For maximum safety even in the event of failure of a thermostat, all thermo-oil tanks are equipped with a double safety thermostat. Available sizes: 180 liters, 300 liters, 500 liters (separate brochure available).

Base frame with stairs for the 180 liter wax melting tank

Easy to assemble, dismountable base frame with stairs and railings on both sides for the wax melting tank behind the machine. It is made entirely of hot zinc dipped steel, is installed in 15 minutes and allows safe filling of the tank.

Cooling units in various sizes

If you do not have sufficient cooling water (depending on machine size 400-1000 liters/h with max. 18°C), you need a cooling unit. The size depends on the machine size and the maximum ambient temperatures. We are pleased to offer you the appropriate industrial cooling equipment with a long life time.

Wax pump

If you do no longer wish to fill the tanks by hand, we can provide a wax pump with heated and insulated stainless steel piping. So that you can pump liquid wax from a melting or sterilizing tank to the 180 liter wax melting tank at the machine.

Solvent concentrate

To prevent the wax sticking to the rollers, a solvent must be added in small quantities to the water which cools the rollers. Our solvent is economical to use and biodegradable. Available can sizes: 5 or 10 ltr..