RIETSCHE Semiautomatic Beeswax Foundation Rolling Machine (HA)

This picture shows a HA480 (engraved rollers are positioned vertically). At the HA610 the engraved rollers are positioned side by side (horizontally).

A completely new generation of machines was designed, improving the excellent features of the existing machines, combined with up to date manufacturing techniques for better precision and quality.

+ Completely new design with numerous technical improvements.

+ Nearly all parts are manufactured of stainless steel AISI 304.

+ Highest safety ! All movable parts are protected to exclude the risk of injury.

+ The drive of the drop table for stacking the sheets is carried out by a stepper motor and can be adjusted according the thickness of the sheets. Up to 15 kg of sheets can be stacked without any manual intervention.

+ The drive of the transport rollers can be adjusted easily by a simple hand wheel according the speed of the wax band.

+ Ergonomic operating by a switch box near the rollers and a rotatable control panel at the drop table.

+ High output per hour, up to 120 kg/h, depending on the size of the machine and the sheets.

+ We are convinced of our quality `Made in Germany´ and grant you therefore a guarantee of 5 years for all mechanical parts* and 2 years for all electrical parts*.     ( * excluded are  damages caused by wrong operating or usual wear and tear)

+ You have the security of a 30-year availability guarantee of spare parts !

+ Of course the machine corresponds to the European CE standard.


The Semiautomatic Beeswax Foundation Rolling Machine is used for transforming the wax bands produced on the Wax Band Machine into foundation sheets and for cutting them to size by means of the attached cutting machine. The desired width is adjusted by moving the round knives as required, while the length is adjusted at a digital display. The foundation sheets are stacked on a drop table from which they can be removed for packing.

The rolled foundation sheets remain elastic even at low temperatures and, if required, may be rolled to very thin thicknesses. Regular cell pattern is 5,4 mm according approx. 800 cells per dm² (square decimeter) on both sides. Special cell patterns ranging from 4,8 mm -6,5 mm are available against extra charge.

The rolled combs are  elastic and do not break. But at higher temperatures they can become wavy inside the beehive.

Complete system for the production of rolled sheets:

Wax band machine (BM) +  Wax melting tank + Semi-automatic machine (HA)

First you produce a smooth wax band with the wax band machine. This wax band is subsequently embossed with the semi-automatic machine and cut to the desired Length and width by the integrated cutting machine. 2 persons  are required for operating the machines and packing.

Please note: You can`t use the entire roller length for production. To help you find the perfect machine size just let us know the size/s of the sheets you want to produce


Machine sizes available:




Rollers size

480 x Ø 85 mm

610 x Ø 140 mm

Output per hour

~ 60-100 kg

~ 70-120 kg


2,8 x 1,4 x 1,51 m

2,95 x 1,5 x 1,51 m

Net weight

320 kg

390 kg

Intermediate sizes on request.