RIETSCHE Beeswax Foundation Rolling Machine (KWM)

System 3:  For the production of rolled combs with smaller wax quantities
The rolled combs are more elastic and do not break. But when the weather is warm they can become wavy inside the beehive.

RIETSCHE Bee Comb Foundation Rolling Machines (KWM) are sturdy machines built to withstand the stresses of continuous operation. The machines - when ordered with motor - and their driving motor are mounted on a common base frame. The cylinders are out of steel and have a special alloy jacket in which the cell pattern is engraved. The machines are supplied with a solvent sprinkler to assure, together with the easy-release engraving, perfect separation of the combs. The rollers turn in ball-bearings. The motor direct drive is by means of an elastic coupling. At machines ordered with motor an infeed plate preceding the rollers assures easy introduction of the smooth wax plates and precludes injury to the operator. Each machine with motor comes with a gripping device. All machines get deliverd with a detailed instructions of use and one liter of solvent FOR FREE.

kwm motor
 Bee comb foundation machine (KWM) with motor

Machines ordered with motor (our recommendation for pleasant work): 
The motors are normally designed for connection to threephase AC of 230/400 V, 50 Hz. Single-phase motors for 220 V AC are available at extra cost.

Bee comb foundation machine (KWM) prepared for motor drive ("spare machine")

Machines ordered prepared for motor drive (photo will follow):
Because this version is only intendend as spare machine for an existing KWM or HA: Delivery only with half coupling but without motor, without base frame, without solvent bucket, without connection pipe, without inlet plate and without rollers protection (perforated plate).

Bee comb foundation machine (KWM) with hand crank

Machines ordered with hand crank for hand drive: 
The machines of sizes 270 mm - 360 mm have a single-stage reducer, while the machines of sizes 450 mm - 550 mm come with a three-stage reducer. This equals a reduction ratio of 1:8 so that the machines can still be driven by hand even where the entire length of the rollers is made use of.

Cell sizes:

The machines are normally made for a cell width of 5,4 mm; this equals about 780 to 800 cells per square decimeter (measured on both sides). If so requested, the machines will also be supplied for cells of larger or smaller size (such as, for example, 5,6 mm = 750 cells per sq.dm.; 5,2 mm = 830-850 cells per sq.dm. or 4,8 mm = approx. 1050 cells per sq.dm.). Cells of different depth are also possible against an extra charge of from 20% to 50%.

System 3  (to process smaller quantities of wax):  Casting plates + bee comb foundation maschine (KWM)

First apply some solvent inside the casting plates to loosen the wax plates later easily. You can buy this solvent from us (5 l or 10 l cans) (20-30 ml for 10 l of water). Then pour wax sheets with a maximum thickness of about 3-4 mm (or with a thickness of 5-7 mm and roll them later down to about 3-4 mm if you have the opportunity for it). The wax plates can be processed either directly after casting and cooling or after storage and reheating. However, the wax plates should have a temperature of approx. 35°C (heated through) before you let them run through the engraved rollers of the bee comb foundation machine.
The combs get cuts by hand. Required machine operator:  2 persons.

PLEASE NOTE: You can not use the entire roll width for production! To help you find the perfect machine size for you, simply tell us the dimensions of the combs which you want to produce (length/width x height in cm).

The bee comb foundation machines can be made in the following sizes :


Length of rollers

Diameter of rollers

Approximate net weight


270 mm

85 mm

  55 kg


320 mm

85 mm

  60 kg


360 mm

85 mm

  67 kg


450 mm

85 mm

  80 kg


480 mm

85 mm

  84 kg


550 mm

85 mm

115 kg