RIETSCHE Fully Automatic Beeswax Foundation machine (VA Mini)

va mini aufgestellt 300pix
VA Mini - built up

va mini zusammengeklappt 300pix
VA Mini - folded up

Standard version: with rigid storage table
Special version: with electric lifting table

The "Mini" fully automatic foundation machine was newly developed by us, the inventor of this machine type with more than 130 years of technical experience, in order to meet the demand for a space-saving machine for smaller wax quantities. Ideal for beekeepers' associations, beekeepers' cooperatives and large beekeepers.

After work, the machine can be folded up and moved on rollers in a few simple steps in order to take up as little space as possible. If the machine is needed, it can be set up quickly.  
Dimensions:  width: 0,69-1,3 m, length folded up: 1,6 m, length assembled: 2,1 m, height (incl. 70 l inlet tank): 1,96 m.  
A special version 25 cm lower by a smaller, 40 l inlet tank is possible without surcharge!

All we had to do was reach into our modular system and develop a few new parts.
You get the same quality as with our proven machines for large quantities of wax.
In order to reduce the price, however, we have omitted equipment features that were not absolutely necessary.

Nevertheless, you will receive a fully-fledged machine with the following features:

+ Hourly output depending on comb width  up to 18 kg  per hour with "Dadant" dimension (correspondingly less  for narrower comb widths).
+ Roller width/length 400 mm, e.g. for a line with the dimensions Deutsch- Normal, Zander or Dadant.
+ Standard cell size 5,4 mm (+/- 0,05 mm). Any other cell size is available at extra cost. Should the rollers be damaged, they can be repaired at a reasonable price. No new purchase necessary!
+ Wax melting tank with 70 litres capacity (without residual wax quantity) and 3 KW heating capacity, 3-walled with thermal insulation for low power consumption. No danger due to hot surface as with 2-walled tanks.
+ Electronically adjustable speed for variable working speed.
+ The transport roller can be adjusted separately mechanically for correct tension. This prevents the wax band from tearing or sagging!
+ Electronic length adjustment of the length of the sheets with a tolerance of +/- 1 mm.
+ Rigid storage table for approx. 15-20 sheets.
+ An electrically operated lifting table is available as an optional extra. This allows up to 7 kg of sheets to be stacked.
+ Plastic solvent tank with heat exchanger for cooling the machine with connection to cold water. If no cold water connection is available, we offer a cooling unit with approx. 3 KW cooling capacity as accessory at extra costs.
+ The machine is almost completely made of stainless steel. Therefore no rusty iron parts and no corroded aluminum parts. The machine looks like new even after twenty years!
+ Very important: High safety and no risk of injury! Of course, the machine fulfills all safety requirements according to CE standard.

We are convinced of our quality "Made in Germany" and therefore offer a 5-year guarantee on all mechanical parts and a 2-year guarantee on all electrical parts (except for damage caused by incorrect operation or natural wear and tear). Furthermore a 30-year spare part guarantee.

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